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Providing Only the Best Transcriptions
100% Quality. Error-free Delivery.

Our trained and vertsatile transcriptionists can produe error-free text transcriptions for audio/video in any format and size. Get a quote now.

Your audio requires transcription experts who truly know their craft and comprehend what is heard and said, and the subtleties of your language, cultural nuances and business etiquette. We'll make transcription needs for your company so easy to meet, you'll forget they even exist. When it comes to meeting your business or individual transcription needs, you can always rely on us for accurate, reliable, timely and cost-effective professional transcription solutions. We’ll work with you on an individual basis and provide you with an above-par transcription that meets your project requirements.

Our professional transcribers ensure their transcriptions are 100% true-to-source, consistent and coherent.


We employ a large pool of professional transcriptionists from all over the world, all of whom are native speakers of the target language, completely fluent in the required source language and meet the highest standards of professionalism. From audio files to movies, conversations and investigations, local marketing campaign efforts and court appearances, our experienced transcriptionists have already seen it all and will handle any transcription or sound issue with care.










And many more!

We have developed a comprehensive translation and transcription workflow which ensures that your documents are as coherent as possible. The process only ends after each transcription has been reviewed by a professional transcription QA staffer who gives the final seal of approval, in terms of the linguistic integrity, completeness and accuracy of the transcription, as well as its adherence to approved terminology. That’s how we make sure that we deliver high-quality and error-free work.

We maintain consisntency and accuracy across a multitude of transcription fields as well as fast delivery. As businesses cross countries and timezones, the speed with which you get your transcription can change your business completely. Contact us for information about our pricing and special offerings. 

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Best Audio Transcriber of the Year (2018)

Gal Tomer, Hebrew & French Transcriber

6+ Years of Experience

Common supported file formats:


See our full File Format List

100% Satisfaction or Money Back

Expert Transcribers for Any Purpose

Phoenix Translations renders quality transcription services for enterprises, small businesses and individuals. We take pride in having the best transcriptionists in the industry, coming from all walks of life. There is nothing our team can't handle.


At Phoenix Translations, we understand the need for confidentiality and security in all professions and consider all disclosed information and oral and written data as strictly confidential. We know that protecting privileged data and proprietary information, as well as IP, requires signing binding NDAs and our own protection of our equipment, servers, networks and communications.

Authenticity Certification

Our translations are authenticated with a Certificate of Translation Accuracy, provided thereupon delivery of every enterprise translation. This certificate can be used various countries, embassies and courts, as well as immigration services and foreign offices at all levels. If you require notarized translation services, please specify during your order. If your translation is to be submitted to a certain official authority, we recommend inquiring with that authority regarding the authentication required for your submission.

Quality Transcriptions in Lightning Speed

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