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Mission Statement

Language is not an obstacle; it's an opportunity.

Phoenix Translations is a veteran translation company and the main purveyor of professional translations for a large cohort of business and private clients. Our translation and transcription clientele include law offices who require legal translations, hospitals who rely on medical translations and medical editing, website admins, hotels and conference halls, colleges and others.

We choose our translators, transcribers and interpreters with care to ensure our work is of the best and highest quality. We make full use of advanced technology and tools to perfect our translated output and deliver optimal results to our clients, as fast and efficiently as possible.


Owing to our large freelance translator network,  we can match your translation needs with a suitable team,  e.g.  a financial-savvy translator who understands professional jargon and terminology, coupled with a skilled business editor, for even minor financial docs and forms.

Each translation cycles trough an extensive QA process done by a second translator to ensure translation. coherency and quality. This helps eliminate any errors and ommissions, assuring a faster & more accurate translation experience.

Full Guarantee


Our Translation Process

Contact us by call or e-mail and send us your material to receive a quote, including price & deadline.


Our affordable per-word pricing and will allow for a coherent, cost-saving experience.

Our team matches your material and needs with compatible, responsible experts.


With thousands of certified translators working around all clocks, we'll keep pace with your content needs, no matter how, when or where.

Translated materials will be edited or proofread by a relevant in-house Phoenix Translations staffer.

Once all checks are done, finalized files are then sent to you, securely, within the set deadline.


Trusted Clientbase



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