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Frequently Asked Translation Questions

Got questions about our translation services?  This FAQ includes all common Qs and As..



Delivery & Guarantee



What is Phoenix Translations?

Phoenix Translations is a professional translation, transcription, interpretation and localization service provider. We have been offering human translation services for the past decade to tens of thousands of clients, in over 200 languages and 20 areas of expertise.

Why should I choose you over 'them'?

We use a powerful combination of human creativity and project management skills to craft consistent quality translations, rapidly. We choose only the best translators from a global pool of 100,000+ professional freelancers around the world and continually make our processes more efficient through technological and digital innovation.

How do I know my document's word count?

* Take the automatic count generated by Word at the bottom left or right of your document. * Send us the files via the contact form or via email. * Just upload the file on our order request form, and we will do it for you. We will always contact you with the correct word count before starting any project.

What do you translate?

We can translate any and all file formats. These include: Office, Desktop Publishing, Web Software, WordQuark XpressHTML/XHTMLC, C++, C# and Java, Open Office, InDesign, User-defined XML, PDF, XLIFF etc. If you have complex project requirements and wish to discuss your project with a point person, just contact us and we'll find a solution that fits you like a glove.

Can I have my website translated by Phoenix Translations?

We would be happy to. We can work directly in your web development platform \ multilingual management software \ source code, or translate existing Word or Excel files, among dozens of other accepted formats.

Do you also work with private individuals?

Most of our translation requests originate in companies, but our prices are affordable enough (same as in any online company) for private customers.

Can you preserve the page layout?

The document's layout can be preserved if it's in an editable format (e.g. Microsoft Office formats, PDFs, web formats etc.). Work is done on the original document by overwriting text and not changing style format or design. In the case of non-editable files, like photos and scanned files, layout will be maintained by adding a DTP service for an extra cost.

Are you certified?

You can request a Certificate of Translation Authenticity to your order. It will attest that the translation work was done by an expert native translator to the best of their ability. This is not the same as a 'sworn translator statement', i.e. translation done by an officially appointed/certified/sworn translator. Sworn translations can be done for an extra project cost, due to highly specialized and niche manpower solutions.

Does my project manager translate my document?

Plain and simple - no. Project managers are there to assist with and facilitiate your translation project. They coordinate and supervise the entire process from alpha to omega. They do not translate documents, but are the last QA layer before delivery, ensuring 100% satisfaction and on-time delivery.

What does localization mean?

Also called L10n, localization involves adapting a product (website, document etc.) to a specific target audience in a different country, culture, or region. It is more complex than translation as it requires cultural adaptation and proficiency, as well as profound local culture knowledge.


How much does it cost?

The cost of a translation varies based on length, format and difficulty. Our project managers meticulously comb through your source files to generate an accurate wordcount based on these factors and others.

Can I get free quotes?

Absolutely! Upload your file(s) to our order request form. One of our project managers will then generate a quote and contact you to begin the translation process. You can also send us files via the contact form, email and social media. We're always there.

Are your prices variable or fixed?

Prices change based on the moment-to-moment availability of our translator base. As their availability changes, the quotes generated by our project managers might show some fluctuation.

Is there a minimum order size?

None whatsoever. However, a translation of fewer than 250 will cost the same as a 250-word translation to cover project management costs.

Delivery & Guarantee

What is your daily capacity?

Up to 5,000 words per day, per client.

Do I get some sort of guarantee?

Experience: our vast experience as a leading Language Service Provider. Quality: work is done by native translators, supported with advanced QA processes. Delivery: the best performance standards industry-wide. Confidentiality and privacy: every effort is made to protect and defend the confidentiality of your data. Data related to the nature of the translation and the process itself is treated with full confidentiality.


When do I pay?

Clients must pay as soon as the project starts to avoid any delivery setbacks. Under special circumstances, including enterprise-level solutions, payment can be executed upon delivery or at a later date, as agreed with the client. For our most recurring customers, we also offer a monthly billing option, as well as a 30 day payment policy. Feel free to contact us about this issue. Note that this option is only offered to new recurring clients.

How can I pay?

Credit cards: American Express, JCB, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, . Bank transfers, PayPal.